Who is Loempiabarbie?
Pardon the mess!

I'm Yanna, a damn fine person, spontaneous, cheerful, creative and part-time super hero (Ssst, don't tell anyone!) I'm unworldly, most of the time a misfit and always dreaming&fantasizing about EVERYTHING! I own very little, I make a living doing what I love and work from anywhere in the world

Obviously this is not my normal welcome to my website message and I'm working really hard on a 'better' one (although, this one is pretty epic if I may say so). The website is still online as you can see, but alot is down.

Make sure you check out
my portfolio! There you can create a 
estimate of all the kinds of stuff I make!

The webshop is 
temporary down (accept for the
Abstract painting. Make sure to check it out!) and I'm working my butt of to get it back online and working as fast as I can!
(Is it okay to say butt on your own 
business site?)

My webcomic is also still online, so if you like to laugh and humourous things (who doesn't?) make sure you click on webcomics as well!

At least but not least, the
Fanart button. Don't be afraid. You need to click this. It's amazing! Fan Art made by my sweet Muffins and Bugs. That's you, all of you. That's how I call my fans and visitors.

I love it! And I love you! Do you have a drawing you made of me? Don't be shy, send it in. You will make my day!

Any any form of contact go to the last button on the left menu or click on the grey text that says