Hello, I'm Loempiabarbie!

I'm Yanna, a damn fine person!
I'm spontaneous, cheerful, creative and part-time super hero!
I own very little, I make a living doing what I love
and work from anywhere in the world

My headquarters has been taken over by super evil masterminds!
I'm doing everything in my power to get it back as soon as possible!

In mean time make sure you check out my portfolio!

Accept for the
Abstract painting, so go check it out!

webcomic is also still online so make sure you check them as well!

Fanart is still online! 
Fan Art made by my sweet Muffins and Bugs. That's you, all of you.

The webshop is temporary down

I will be back very soon!
These super evil masterminds have no idea what's coming for them!